Evolved Ticketing

O2Ticket is your visionary ticket company. We made ticketing easy, seamless, and automated as possible for any event size. Our tech-savvy methods and electronic tickets have modernized the traditional ticketing system for you. Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We use cutting-edge technologies to develop rock solid solutions that meet the demands of the modern ticketing era. 

The Future of eTickets in the Caribbean

O2ticket’s website offers a secure platform for patrons to purchase e-tickets to attend the most sought after events in the region. This in return has fostered the popularity of the growing demand of e-tickets.Founded in Trinidad in 2012, we have become the driving force behind Trinidad's eTicketing revolution.

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We make online ticket purchasing easier than ever before. Have tickets for some of the most in-demand events in the West Indies sent directly to your phone. No printing necessary!


We take total responsibility for the ticket production & validation process so there are never any delays at the door. We use cutting edge technology to ensure everybody gets where they need to be as soon as possible.


Your information is encrypted and transmitted using industry leading security measures to ensure that all transactions are 100% safe. Currently we use the same encryption standards as Amazon.com. 


Ready to book?

If eTickets are being offered for an event, a "Buy Now" button will appear by the event in the Browse Events page. Click on "Buy Now" to start your transactions. Transacations may take up to 24 hours to process and eTicket sales will be closed off several hours before the event so make sure to get yours early!