What types of services does O2Ticket offer?

O2Ticket offers a wide range of ticketing solutions for event organizers located in the United States and the Caribbean. Our services include making printed tickets, selling eTickets, managing the event’s entrance, and providing financially accurate reports & post-event disbursements. We specialize in large scale event promotions including online marketing strategy, integrated campaigns and social media promotions across a variety of platforms.

How do I get started?

Send an email to mike@o2ticket.com to get up and running. We have a team of professional graphic designers that can even help you get that professional look & feel for you online and printed promotions.

How are eTickets sold? How are eTicket funds dispersed?

eTickets are sold online through O2Ticket.com. Funds are received from the customers using a VISA or Mastercard. Funds are given to the event owner via a cheque within two weeks of the event completion. All funds generated through the sale of eTickets are are held until the event has been successfully completed in case refunds are required.

How can O2Ticket supercharge my event with premium services?

O2Ticket can help your event get discovered online by supercharging your online website & marketing strategy. O2Ticket has partnered with a leading business-solution’s firm specializing in online promotions and eCommerce. We can work with Pacific Solutions to produce amazing results that will translate into a stronger and more durable brand with increased revenue and customer loyalty.